American Express are all a Twitter

March 8, 2012

American Express in the US are one of the latest brands to utilise e-commerce and social media platform Twitter, to connect to their audience.

Members are now able to link their business or consumer card to their Twitter account and by entering the special offer hashtag, ‘merchant coupons are loaded directly to their card account‘. Instead of printing out the coupon and giving it to the merchant, members have the offer debited to their account automatically.
The next step for American Express US is to allow members to connect their accounts with other social media platforms such as Facebook and Four Square, to allow American Express and its merchant partners, to better connect members with their favourite places to shop and dine.

Utilising Twitter for e-commerce purposes won “Pay with a Tweet” campaign a Grand Prix award at Cannes 2011 and Dell over $6 million in revenue from selling through their Twitter account.

As the ability to target audiences online continues to get more accurate, brands are utilising this opportunity to ensure their offerings are more relevant and rewarding for their customers.

Rebecca Haly

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