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February 27, 2012
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More of Microsoft’s Kinect technology has made it’s way into the gaming sphere with the release of Ponk. Ponk combines a 2D platform with “3D real, reactive elements“, brining more interactivity into the digital gaming arena.

This Kinect powered gaming console appears as a table like structure and players move their hands over the table’s screen to interact with the game. What is impressive about this piece of technology is its ability to react to foreign objects that are introduced to the platform. Watch the clip below.

Just like the Kinect Controlled Electronic Skateboard, created by Chaotic Moon’s LABS program, and the durable interactive glass with partner technologies created by Corning, Kinect type technologies continue to be adopted into everyday objects in a playful, experimental way. Here are just a few examples of how everyone is getting “Kinected”.




Rebecca Haly



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